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Our Advantages


Warranty Pro

Capture inbound warranties more effectively and garner additional warranties to generate additional business and much more.


Parts Pro

Manage your parts lead times more effectively, improve wholesale order processing and much more.


Sales Pro

Increase your service drive business considerably with high ROI and conversion techniques, and much more.


Reports Pro

Increase critical data visibility and improve internal processes to make more money and save more money.


Claims Pro (Processing)

Automate your claims process for internal use to save time and money or outsource it entirely.


Information Technology Consulting

From CIO level consuling down to Help Desk support or even custom software development; we have everything you need to supplement your IT needs or outsource it entirely.



Staffing turnover is at an all time high.  We can supplement your existing efforts or you can outsource the process and screeing entirely.


Team Building

We have a myriad of Team Building programs which are unique only to ADS.  We guarantee that we have a solution which can enhance or improve any department in your dealership.



Whether it's just improving your order fill and reducing standing inventory or an entire inventory audit or relocation; we have a solution for you.



Whether it's adding a new office or a complete rebuild; we have construction management services to help you if you are in need of a dedicated construction management or project manager element to your project.



Whether you are moving your dealership or setting up a new point, we can help you organize and execute your physical move.  No project is too large.


3PL Warehouse Expansion

Are you expanding too fast?  If your parts department can't handle the stocking requirements or you need a temporary addition while you rebuild your existing department, we can support your needs.



Whether it's creating a solution from scratch or improving / relocationg you current solution; we can help you setup or revamp any size ecommerce solution.


Advertising / Marketing

Whether it's print ads or Electronic Media / Social Media; we can help you setup or revamp a solution.


At ADS we are here to service and support any of your needs at your Dealership. We believe in a 360-degree approach to servicing our customers. We aren't here to push a single solution. We are here to fill in those gaps that either exist permanently or temporarily as you find other means to handle them internally.

We also have a philosophy that if we think for our customers first, our needs as a business will easily be met in the process.  Whether it's on the list of services or not, don't hesitate to ask for any kind of help or support.  We may be able to help you anyway.

Improve Inventory

In most cases we can improve your fill rate while reducing the cost of your overall inventory.  We can help to run the reports to identify exactly what you should return and purchase in order to increase your back counter and wholesale order fill rates.  We can reduce the short notice expedited parts ordering.

Improve customer service

Will can help you to reduce unhappy customers by identifying those parts which will not be arriving when you expect them to.  We will facilitate an alternate plan for you to properly schedule your customers work around when the parts will arrive.


Whether it's cylce counting and or a full Inventory, let us make your job easier.  In most cases it can cost you less to have us to the inventory than the actual labor costs for you to do them yourselves.

Detailed Features

You don't know what you don't know

Find out real-time just how many warranties are not ending up on your service tickets.  Get an hourly / daily / weekly and monthly report to track down to each service writer how many warranties were processed and how many did not make it on the ticket for any reason.  With these tools you will improve your service and support while increasing revenue.

Follow Up

Make it easy and efficient for you support staff members to follow up with those customers who did not get the service they needed the first time around.  With our effective reporting tools your staff will know exactly who to call and be able to reschedule them for another visit.


There aren't many areas in a dealership where you can dramatically improve service while increasing revelue:

  • Improve inbound warranties - don't miss any (Real-Time visibility and Reporting);
  • Improve your follow up process;
  • Bring new service customers into your service drive;
  • Increase the level of customer service you provide with our catch all approach;
  • Increase Revenue for your department and the Dealership.

Consulting Services

ADS is a solutions partner. We aren't a software company or a processor. We are here to offer existing solutions or create new solutions. We can even help you find competitive solutions for services which we offer. Our single priority is to help you Dealership find the best solutions for their problems. We are only valuable if we can provide honest and effective solutions for your specific needs.


How our Consulting Works

You can ask for a free consultation on anything you are having issues with.

We will discuss internal, external and third party options which may be available to deal with your particular needs.  Once we have a direction we will quote you on exactly what our services will cost vs any other more expensive alternative.  THERE ARE NEVER HIDDEN FEES OR ANY FEES WHICH YOU DO NOT AGREE TO AND UNDERSTAND BEFORE WE START WORKING WITH YOU.

Whenever I start a project or begin to research something, I reach out to my ADS rep first.  It's likely they have a solution or have already dealt with a similiar issue at another dealership and can point me in the right direction.

You can call us for free anytime.  We may be able to help you find quick solutions over the phone.  We offer free consulting because it shows that we are here to help you as much as we can.  We aren't concerned with making money for every little issue we encounter together.  We are relationship driven and the overall relationship is what we focus on.

We work for you and we try to get better with every service we provide and customer we service.  We would also like to hear from you about possible ways of our services improvement. Contact us and share your experience!

We don't believe in locking any customer up to a service contract.  We believe in the services we offer.  Any service we provide is billed as provided and any licensed products we provide are billed monthly.  You can cancel any service or product license anytime you feel it's not providing what you require for your Dealership!


It isn't any easier to get started with vendor or supplier you use.  You are automatically qualified as a new car dealer to get a credit line with ADS.  You only need to contact us by email or phone and ask what we can possibly help you with.  Once we begin you are billed only for what we provide and you can cancel any program anytime you choose.


One of the biggest benefits for using ADS is our vast understanding of the New Car Dealerships.  We have been working in or with Dealerships for decades.  We understand the many facets of the Dealership and are able to give actual solutions that apply to how business is run today.

No problem is too large or too small for us to help you solve or improve it!  Contact us and let us know how we can help you today.