Other ADS Services

ADS offers a host of other services. Our Mission is to be in a position to provide your Dealesrhip with a myriad of fill in services which complement our Software Programs

At any given time a Dealership is without for example; A parts manager, a service manager, an IT Manager or Support person. Dealerships change software and move locations. Dealerships audit Inventory and upgrade computers. We offer a central location for Dealerships to fill in when they are in transition or lacking the staff with specific experience to get the project done. We work with either Dealer principles or with the designated staff in need of some supplemental support.

where we can help:

  • Service

    Service is our primary platform and it's what we are most passionate about. We first and foremonst want to help your Dealership retain and gain more service customers. We wan't to guarantee that every warranty or bulletin is captured by your Dealership. We have solutions to invrease customers service while also drastically increasing foot traffice and Revenue for your Dealership.

  • Parts

    From Daily parts visibility to full Inventory services, we are confident we have several ways to help improve your Parts Department.

  • Sales

    Getting more customers into the point is the most important thing a Dealership can do. We have solutions to increase foot traffic to your Dealership.

  • Finance

    With new Innovative integration opportunities and complicated Conversion Algorithms, we have options to increase Finance opportunities for your Dealership.

  • Accounting

    From Reports to internal efficiencies, we have something to help streamline Accounting.

  • Information Technology

    Whether it's existing solutions or custom solutions, we can provide your Dealership with any solution required to move to the next level.